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I started as a pharmacologist and made a transition to computational biology and bioinformatics during my Ph.D. The focus of my Ph.D. was on exploring the potential vulnerability of Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), particularly in the DNA repair pathways. Having worked with various tools and techniques in genetics and structural biology, I obtained a unique blend of interests, including the use of machine learning algorithms to answer biological questions.

I enjoy teaching science and coding. That's why I founded a chapter of R-Ladies in Saudi Arabia (Dammam). I'm also a member in the MiR accessibility committee and a member in the R Weekly team. I am a certified Carpentries instructor and i used to be committee member in the British Science Association in the Merseyside (UK) and a STEM ambassador in Liverpool.

When I'm not coding, I'm embarking on an unplanned road trip exploring new places.


I occasionally write blog posts since it allows me to merge my love for writing with everything else I’m passionate about. I write about coding, deep Learning (ML) and try to simplify scientific concepts and make it easier to learn, understand and use, without sacrificing its power and usefulness.


I write for Analytics Vidhya which is a Medium publication that share concepts and ideas in Data Science.

Batool's Blabber

This is a recent blog which I just started to share practical tips for using R in data analysis and visualization.


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